Dirty Fred

DIRTY FRED, the captain, the great manipulator, is always "stirring things up with that twisted mind of his". Dirty Fred is a scourge of the seven seas and on first name terms with the biggest players in the underworld, tribal leaders around the globe and the secret services of the super powers.

The mere sound of his name strikes horror into the hearts of all who hear it including those with more muscles than most. But it's not his brawn but his brain that makes him a menace as it cuts like a cold knife through hot butter and never misses a chance to make money. The only thing working against this scabby old dog of the sea is that his love of money makes him an incurable gambler.

He’s capable of playing cards and rolling dice until he's squandered away the very last penny of his ill-gotten gains. He once even lost his trusty vessel "The Radzeer" and was forced to liberate it from a gambling den in mystical Macao...