MANUELA. This exotic flower from a distant Polynesian island has curves in all the right places and an astounding ability to find her way around in unchartered waters.

The idyllic existence of her tribal nation is wrecked to ruins when a cutthroat by the name of Quebra suffers a shipwreck on the island’s stony shore. Manuéla is forced to chose between falling into the arms of this ruthless gangster or throwing herself to the mercy of the waves and so she goes for salt water. She ends up on a Chinese junk that drops her off in San Francisco where she ensures her safety by dressing as a boy. Lost and many miles from home, she remains driven by her dream to one day make her way back to the island of her birth and free its native population from certain persecution.

Tried by many tribulations, the young heroine goes from being a stowaway girl to becoming a full-blooded woman.