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Feature-length animated film based on one of the most successful novels by the immensely popular Hungarian author Jenő Rejtő (P. Howard). Packed with plenty of humour, this tale of adventure takes us from San Francisco to exotic islands in the distant Pacific.

The action plays out shortly after the Great Depression, an era when anything could happen and quite a lot actually did… Experienced on the high seas but still terribly naive, Jimmy Grin wins himself a place at the head of an eccentric expedition funded by Mr. Theo the idle millionaire. They are about to set sail when an unexpected appearance by Dirty Fred sends a shiver down everyone’s spine. Fred, however, only has is eyes on one prize and that is the reward he’ll win if he captures a Mexican gangster by the name of Quebra. Dastardly and determined, Fred is willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to get his dirty hands on the filthy cash. Things go from complicated to crazy when Manuela stows away from Quebra’s island and steals the heart of young Mr. Theo.